Monday, May 1, 2017

Samples from Joanna Sheen's recent TV Shows

I've been meaning to add these samples to my blog for the past week!, life has taken over but I am here now with so many samples!!.  Joanna's TV shows  launched the Safari Signature dies along with more floral dies and some SkyScapes too.

First of all here are the Safari Themed samples made with dies I designed for Joanna Sheen.

 I die cut the Girrafe panel with shrink plastic, cutting away the frame and trees before I used heat..it made this lovely little embellishment for the card!
 I die cut the lion panel with shrik plastic to make an embellishment for the above card.

 Next are the samples I made using the SkyScape Signature dies:

 To keep the die attached to the card like I have at the top of the inside of the above card, make sure that you place your cutting plate just above the edge of the die when you pass it through your die cutting machine.
 Yep! I used little LED lights again inside this card.. one of my favourite things to do nowdays LOL!

 I used Distress Oxide and Distress Inks on the above card..- I cut out 1 Paris skyscape dies  covering them with  matching colours with the distress ink on top and the Oxide ink on the bottom then positioned them on a piece of card and used a damp brush to spread the ink on the top and bottom.. the oxide ink comes out softer.. then I die cut a clean skyscape raising it a little bit with foam pads. I was pleased with how it turned out.
This card has a Distress Oxide background.. 

Here are the last lot of samples I made for Joanna Sheens last Tv show

 This Wedding Invitation uses the Floral Roses wrap - and the Filigree wrap signature dies

 Thank you for visiting my blog today.. I hope I've inspired some of you to have a go at creating your own cards :)

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Playing with Brushos

I've had a set of the wonderful Brusho crystals for a while and have dabbled here and there with a few backgrounds for cards.. but I decided to have a go at a proper painting.  This is a small painting to fit on a Birthday card I made for my daughter - she loves the Van Gogh Almond Blossom painting and even bought herself a print of it when she visited the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam.. 
I am very pleased with how it has turned out.. and so was she :)

 Here's how I did it:

First of all I printed a copy of the picture that I found online at the size I wanted for the card.. then I used some Trace down to make a rough outline just to mark out where the main branches are onto watercolour paper filling in the details with a pencil, once I was happy with the pencil drawing I went over it with masking fluid.  Once that was dry I wet the watercolour paper all over and sprinkled 4 various shades of blue Brushos and then misted it with water to blend even further. I dabbed with tissue where to wipe the excess water.. after drying it with a heat gun and it was completely dry, I rubbed off all the masking fluid..which left pure white areas to fill in the designs for the twigs and blossom.  I used Brusho crystals mixed with water to paint it.  I finished off when that was dry with a fine liner pen to add a bit more detail... and that's that!.. it was alot easier than I thought it was going to be and I really love the depth that the Brushos bring.

Thanks for visiting :)

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Faberge style Eggs!

I love the sheer beauty and craftsmanship of Faberge eggs.. they are completely over the top and extravagant (or eggtravagant! Lol).  I was so inspired by them I had to design some die cuts for Joanna, you can find them here
Here are the sample cards I made for Joanna:

 I can't be the only one with tons of holographic card stashed away wondering how to use it?.. Well die cut these eggs with it for an instant BLING!! I layered them over holographic too! This card is mainly black and cream with a little touch of lime green (holographic too!) The egg holders are plain cream card plus I added cream tulle across the base of the card to add to the luxury.

 To create the concertina style opening I drew around the egg die placing it next to the last one but slightly overlapping as I went along and then folding along the joins..it creates a lovely egg shaped mini book.  I decorated each egg with various colours of lace paper from Joanna Sheen Vol 1 Pad
 Then die cut 6 white Signature die Anya Faberge style egg for the inside pages and die 1
Signature die Caterina Faberge style egg for the front. I added ribbon before sticking to the card. All the flowers are from the Signature Dies flowers and leaves collection - I used Herb garden and Herb border and the Primrose.
For this card I die cut all 3 layers of card in the same place to layer up. I added mirror card on the inside to reflect the back of the egg. The egg is the Signature Die Anya Faberge style egg die cut from gold card and I cut 2 base dies. I made 2 eggs up layering one onto red the other onto blue card and stuck them back to back sandwiching cotton in the middle so as to attach the cotton in the layers of the background to hide it. The lovely Teddys are from Joanna Sheen Janet Kruskamp cardmaking collection Pad 1 and 2  and the lovely blue backing paper is from Joanna Sheens Paper collections Pad Vol 4 Christmas    and of course as with all these cards I added lots of gems!! Lol

Thanks for visiting and I hope these have inspired you to make your own Faberge style egg cards to share this Easter

Monday, March 6, 2017

Distress Oxide card

I was lucky enough to buy all 12 of the new Tim Holtz Distress Oxide ink pads and I have fallen in love with them. I love the softness of the colours and what's even better is that you can use them with the ordinary distress inks for matching tones of colours for a wonderful look on backgrounds etc.

I made this card after playing with them making some backgrounds on A6 pieces of card. After a pile of backgrounds I decided to die cut some to create wonderful colourful houses using Joanna Sheen's Signature dies - Town house dies 
I wanted to make a card with the feel of Amsterdam and give it to my daughter and her husband who celebrated their first wedding anniversary recently.  I used the distress oxide for the houses, river and leaves.  The various brickwork papers are from a lovely paper pad from Joanna Sheen Vol 2.   
I die cut the houses from the backgrounds and from white card. I cut out the windows to layer over the coloured houses for a neat window frame look.
I had to add lights to the card because the narrow boats and along the river bank are usually lit up at night.. so I cut small holes in the picture once I'd finished where the lights would be (artistic license Lol) and added lights behind - I used tiny micro LED's on copper wire with tiny battery cases. 
Here is the card:
First with the lights off

  ..and then the lights switched on!


My Daughter and Son-in-Law really loved the card and said that it totally reminded them of both their honeymoon and their short break in Amsterdam.. so Job done well :)

Thanks for visiting today.. come back soon to see more Distress Oxide creations! ..and more sample cards I have made for Joanna Sheen.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Card samples for Joanna's Show on 2nd Feb

I made some samples cards for Joanna for her show on Create and Craft TV shown on 2nd February last week.  I have used the latestJoanna Sheen Signature flower dies that I designed for her  together with one of her wonderful backing paper pads Vol 1

This first ard is inspired by the painting
Crown Imperial Fritillaries in a Copper Vase, c.1886
by Van Gogh

Background paper from pad and lightly
inked. Copper paper for vase and white gel pen for all the specs. Die cut about
12  Fritillarie flowers for this card

Bluebell Woods
  Backround is made up from Green and brown marble paper
 and blue lace paper from the pad. 
Butterflies are from Jane Shasky butterflies pad. 
Die cut about 20 bluebells for card.

Crocus Card
  Blue lace and green marble paper
 from Pad for background. 
Butterflies are from Jane
Shasky Butterflies Pad.

 Pots and pots of Primroses
  Created grid background using peel offs to
mask adding ink and then removing peel offs. 
Used One flower die cut for each pot
with a few extra to add the extra leaves and flowers.

Tulip Card
Die cut Tulip about 5 times
for this card

Thanks for visiting today :)

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Pebeo fantasy painted clocks

I thought I'd added these to my blog ages ago Lol... but it must have slipped my mind.
...anyway.. Here are two clocks I made myself from scratch.

 Dr Who inspired Timelord seal
I cut out the 12"  shape with 12 sides and covered it with the Pebeo fantasy paints, mixing the Prisme and the Moon paints together to get some amazing effects! I cut out the top decoration and covered that with grey and black pebeo fantasy paints.. the nerds out there might realise that I put the top part on back to front Lol! nevermind..

Ammonite shell
I used my own design for the shell.. it measures about 12" across.  I cut out the design using foam board and glued each part to the base leaving a gap between them. Each segment has been covered with the pebeo fantasy paints with black paint in the gaps. 

Both these clocks took a long time to dry and cure.. about 3 days.  but they do look good.  the Fossil is fun becaus it looks very heavy... but is light as a feather LOL!

Thanks for visiting
Sylvie x

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Handmade Photo baubles

Happy New Year!
I promised to show you these in my last post.  I made them using the clear snap together baubles you can get to fill with what ever you want. I used 4" ones because the dies fitted them perfectly.
I used the Tree of Life Signature die from Joanna Sheen that I designed last year. I also used a lovely clock face die from the Sheena Douglass  Time traveller series and the rubber stamp  with glow in the dark embossing powder on the green ones. The pink ones have pebeo gilding wax to make them shine. These were gifts and they went down very well.

I added crackle to outside edge to give an aged look and to make it look frosty.

Thanks for visiting
Hugs xx


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