Monday, November 2, 2015

Signature dies on cards

Here are some cards I've made using the Signature Dies that I  designed for Joanna Sheen..

For this one I've used the Dreamcatcher die, cutting it out twice - one with kraft card and one with white card and cut out lots of white feathers.  I inked the background first and then assembled the dreamcatcher. The lovely baby's cot is another die in the Signature range... I die cut it 3 times from kraft card using 2 for the cot and one for the chest of drawers. The cot has little pieces of pink felt and white card  sandwiched between the layers and I used all the bits that fall out of the die to make the drawers adding gems for the handles. 
I cut lots of the Signature Hydrangea flowers in various colours gluing them onto a piece of card ready to add to my card. Then I cut out 8 of the Signature Decorative lace corners (one of the designs in the set) and arranged them around the 8" card to form the lacy octagonal. The get the curved shape right I folded a piece of paper in half a few timed from the center (the same as when you fold paper to cut a snowflake).. I held the center point in the middle of the card  then penciled in the curve to match the lace.. and then cut, when unfolded it forms the perfect match to cut out the hydrangea covered card. I run the cut out shape to emboss for a bit of texture. I added a few faux stitches and used part of another embossing folder for the greeting.

This card uses the Signature Bella Lace die.  It is perfect for this style of card because it it a repeating pattern die which means  it can be cut as long as you require. All you have to do to get this look is to die cut each side of the 6" card equally and then using a ruler to mark, cut away the inner sides.  The Rose is from the Joanna Sheen Vintage flower stamps.

I will add more cards soon.  Thank you for visiting today :)

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Thomas Kinkade Malma frame

I've been playing again Lol!  This time I printed out one of the lovely toppers on the Joanna Sheen Thomas Kinkade 3 Disk set by taking it into my graphics program so that I could enlarge the image and print it onto 2 pieces of paper (to join together on the frame) plus I printed one onto some old vintage piano music sheets to over lay part of the image on the frame.  The first thing I did was paint the frame with some Annie Sloane paint and then stuck the image on it with some elmers glue. Once it was dry I sanded the edges to add some ageand then waxed the whole lot and touched it up with a little bit of Pebeo gilding wax. I stuck some crochet lace ribbon around the mirror.  The corner tabs are brads from a kit I've had ages so I'm not sure where you can get them now. I rubbed a bit of the gilding wax onto them to bling them up.
Here is my frame:

I'm eager to make more of these so watch this space Lol
Thanks for visiting :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Decoupage Malma frame

I've decorated malma frames on and off for years.  I love the way they are such a blank canvas for any type of decoration and they are soo inexpensive Lol!
I wanted to share a cool technique that is new to me (it's probably been around for ages Lol) 

I've had a pile of old (almost vintage I would say) piano manuscript books in my stash for ages and have used them for a few craft projects already., but the other day I saw something on pinterest that made me wonder if I could wax onto inkjet print..and decopage with it. I have never done that before because of the inkjet ink smugding.. but I thought 'what if I used Annie sloane clear wax on it to seal it'... so I decided to experiment.  I dug out the piano music sheets and printed florals onto some..  There are some poems inwith some of the music sheets so I printed on one of those too.  I think they look really pretty next to each other...the music doesn't match the poem on this frame as I didn't realise in my eagerness to experiment Lol, but I have made sure to keep matching poems and music together for the next frames I do.  I was in such a hurry that I just couldn't wait to paint the frame first so I inked it to make it look old instead... but I know it will look so much better when I paint the next one first.
I carefully glued the floral music sheets to the frame by applying glue to paper first so I didn't get any glue on top.  When it was dry, I distressed the edges with sandpaper and then applied Annie sloane wax, after that dried I buffed with a soft cloth and then added a small amount of pebeo gilding wax to the edges for a tiny bit of bling.
I am really pleased with the result and I can't wait to make lots more Lol.
Thanks for visitin today and your comments are always welcome Lol
Hugs x

Thursday, August 6, 2015

A couple of Wedding cards

I've made a couple of wedding cards during the past week - one uses the Signature Elizabeth Lace heart die that I designed for Joanna Sheen and the other is one I made after being inspired by cards on Pinterest Lol.
Here is the first one:

 I cut the die out 3 times using pearly card for the bottom layer and plain cream for the top heart. I layered some pretty irridescent paper under the top heart so that the die cut letters would show more clearly on the heart.  The edges are the cut using the Signature Tessa lace edger die that I designed for joanna Sheen

 For the second card I cut the wedding dress shape and the pretty panels from white card.. covering the top part of the dress and the panels with spiderweb mesh lace (comes on a roll)..
I cut a V shape out of white card and then the lapels from black.. and used a sparkle gel pen to add pinstripes.  The little blue Rose is a rolled up piece of paper Lol..with a tiny piece of spider web and part of leaf die.. I was happy with how this card turned out considering I made it in just an hour Lol!!

Thanks for visiting.. see you soon.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Locket Birthday card

I made this birthday card using the Signature Locket die that I designed for Joanna Sheen.  I cut it out of a tin foil container (recycling Lol).. and used the same technique as I did for the Locket card Here to give it an aged look..

There is a lovely purple velvet card panel down one side with more lilac velvet card behind the locket.  The embossed frame is from a very old CarolWilson card making kit I got years ago.
Thanks for looking :)

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Anniversary card

I made this card for my Son and his wife. I used the beautiful Signature Elizabeth Lace Heart die  
 I die cut it 3 times from Kraft card - layering them up with foam pads with a piece of red holographic card cut to size glued under the top heart.. The sentiment is from a printed page of sentiments from one of Joanna Sheen's Cd's (I forget which one).

I like this look alot... so I am making a wedding card using the same idea.. watch this space Lol
Thanks for visiting today.. and feel free to leave comments :)

By for now..

Saturday, April 11, 2015

30th Birthday card

It was my daughter's 30th Birthday yesterday.  I can't believe that the time has gone so quickly!! it only seems like yesterday that she little running around in the garden.
I've made many types of cards for her in the past and didn't really know what to do this time until I saw a cool idea for a card on Pinterest.. so I did this one for her.


This is the card flat before it is curved around the narrower card beneath  the topper.

 I selected 10 patterned papers that I knew she would like and cut 3 strips of each measuring 2" x 3" approx. then roled each one up and glued on the card. The 'flames' are the waste from a large border punch I have.  I added a pretty gem on each flame just for a bit of bling.

 The pretty lace along the bottom is one that I designed for Joanna Sheen called Samantha Lace Ribbon.  The curved front is because I left a flap on the right to tuck onto a smaller card beneath.. using velcro tabs to hold it there.  I wanted it to give the impression of a top of a cake Lol.. not sure it does but it looks quite good curved.  My Daughter really liked the card when I gave it to her yesterday :) .. and that's the main thing Lol.
Thanks for visiting today I will be back soon!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Locket Card

I designed this locket for Joanna Sheen.  I am really pleased with how real it looks once die cut.  I cut it from an old pie foil pie dish., I then dry embossed it a bit more to highlight the pattern with an embossing tool on a soft mat and then brushed some black gesso over the whole locket leaving it to dry for  a few minutes before rubbing most of it off, leaving the black in the pattern to look like old silver. I domed the locket front a little bit and also stuck the front onto another die cut from card for extra stability.
I used the Signature Josephine Lace die on each side and the Favourite Lace Apeture Signature die in the middle.  The lovely Rose background paper is from the beautiful Joanna Sheen Jane Shasky Heart of the Garden CD Rom
I added a piece of vellum over the background paper to create a softer look. The bows are cut from the Signature Ribbons and Bows border

Thanks for visiting today.. :)

Monday, March 30, 2015

Foil tape Malma frame

Every now and then I get the urge to decorate a Malma frame, these are very cheap wooden mirror frames from Ikea and make a wonderful blank canvas.

I was very inspired when I saw this blog post of a transformed cheap frame with foil tape  I have a roll of foil (that I got from a DIY store) and I suddenly thought that die cuts could look really good under the foil so as I  have designed quite a few border and edge lace dies for Joanna Sheen recently, it's a good chance to play with them.  I die cut the Ribbons and bows border   and the Caroline Lace border 4 times plus I die cut one each of the Signature Pram, Rocking horse and Cot and mobil dies.
I stuck these onto the frame and found that the caroline lace fitted perfectly around the mirror...I then covered the whole lot with crumpled foil tape.  Pressing down on the foil reveals the die cuts underneath plus I also used an embossing tool around each one so that they would show up even more.  I dabbed black gesso over the whole frame, after a few minutes I wiped some off leaving the foil distressed and old looking.  I finsihed off with a few gems here and there.
Here's a photo 
Thanks for visiting and I'd love to here what you think of this idea.  Any die cut would look gorgeous done this way and the frame has a large 3" edge to play with.. I think I might be making more LOL

Monday, February 2, 2015

Lace spool card

The idea for this card just popped into my head the other day, so I had to give it a go :)

I used 6 of the new of the new Lace Corners, Edgers and Ribbon Signature Dies I designed for  Joanna SheenI die cut one of each them to wrap around each spool.
I made my own template for the ribbon spools and cut them out of craft paper, inking the edges of each of them and finished them off with drawing lines on the top and bottom with a fine brown pen.
I really enjoyed making this simple card and it shows off the new lace dies too.
Thanks for visiting today
See you soon :)

Sunday, February 1, 2015

New Signature lace dies

I designed some Lace edger dies and ribbon dies for Joanna sheen.  Here's an 8" card I made today using the Katy Lace Corner along with the Ribbons and bows die

 I think that the Ribbons and Bows die look fantastic along the bottom part of this card and you can see that it is a lovely size to cut out individual bows, like I have for this card. The Katy Lace corner can be used as a frame as I have done, or you can put them together to form a lovely shape in the middle of your card. 
The backing paper is printed out from the lovely Joanna Sheen Age of Elegance CD Rom  but I can't remember where I printed the lady from.. I have a box of printed out toppers that I add too all the time, so some of them have been in there for quite a while Lol.

I have enjoyed playing with the dies as much as I did designing them Lol.. I will add more cards as I make them using some of the other dies I designed for Joanna. :)
Thanks for visiting today -Happy Sunday!
See you soon.
Hugs xxx

Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Northern Lights painting

When my Son and girlfriend visited Iceland they were hoping to see the northern lights and were very lucky enough to see a flicker of them.  I thought that as they both love volcanos too, I would create a picture using my artistic licence and imagination overlooking the Eyjafjallajökull Volcano with the magic of the lights above.  In this painting they are both  enjoying the view.  I look forward to giving them this picture when ever I next see them again. 

I used both Tim holtz distress Inks and my H2O's to create the shimmery lights adding some hot foil for the twinking stars peeping through. The volcano lava is a mixture of bright H2O paints and foils. The whole picture really does shimmer with the lights. I hope I have captured what it would look and feel like to stand there and see this fabulous view. :)

Thanks for visiting today... see you soon :)
Hugs xx


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