Wednesday, May 29, 2013

More decorated Malma Frames

It's been a while since I've posted anything here, I've been busy designing new stamps.  I also had great fun a few weeks ago when I actually got round to decorating some Malma frames (sold by Ikea) for my daughter-in-Law.  She loved the ones I decorated a few years ago and I promised to do her some too.. it's taken this long!.  I have done these in exactly the same way as the previous ones.

I added the gold foil highlights so they will match the walls they want to hang them on.

I enjoyed making these so much and had a bit of free time so I went on to decorate another one for my daughter's friend who loves orange.  I added copper foiling for the highlights and a lovely Red/orange holographic foil with my hot foil pen.  I found a large button with a lovely texture, so I hot foiled that to match. It seems nothing is safe when I have the hot foiling pen out LOL!

  .. so this wasn't enough for me ... I still had the urge to carry on with the hot foil pen... so I made a key hanger as well.  I painted it purple and then added the Red/orange holographic foils with the hot foil pen. and the copper highlights
Thank you for visiting today... see you soon with some new stamps and sample cards


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