Thursday, January 19, 2017

Pebeo fantasy painted clocks

I thought I'd added these to my blog ages ago Lol... but it must have slipped my mind.
...anyway.. Here are two clocks I made myself from scratch.

 Dr Who inspired Timelord seal
I cut out the 12"  shape with 12 sides and covered it with the Pebeo fantasy paints, mixing the Prisme and the Moon paints together to get some amazing effects! I cut out the top decoration and covered that with grey and black pebeo fantasy paints.. the nerds out there might realise that I put the top part on back to front Lol! nevermind..

Ammonite shell
I used my own design for the shell.. it measures about 12" across.  I cut out the design using foam board and glued each part to the base leaving a gap between them. Each segment has been covered with the pebeo fantasy paints with black paint in the gaps. 

Both these clocks took a long time to dry and cure.. about 3 days.  but they do look good.  the Fossil is fun becaus it looks very heavy... but is light as a feather LOL!

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Sylvie x

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