Sunday, October 16, 2011

'45 record in sleeve' sample card

It seems that the 45 Single single record card was a big hit on the launch of the Classic Melody Stamps on C&C TV yesterday. It was alot of fun to create after quite a bit of trial and error Lol... in the end I cracked it and I can't wait to share with you how I made this card. First of all here are some photos.

I used a real 45 single vinyl record and sleeve as a template to make my card. All the stamping and aging was done with Tim Holtz Distress inks. Here's how I made it.
  • First make a round card by drawing around the record but leaving a small part for the joining fold in the card from black card. If you are lucky enough to own a Grand Caliber machine or something similar, then you could simple use a cirle die to create a circle card. I haven't got one so mine is all cut out with scissors Lol.
  • Cut 2 more seperate circles the same size as the card out of black card. These will be textured and stuck to the front and back to look like the record.
  • To add the realistic vinyl texture I used a glaze medium in gloss by Daler-Rowney. I applied it to each circle with an old art paintbrush so that it left lines. I went round and round the circle leaving lines. Once dry it really does look and feel like the grooves in a record!.
  • I added smaller circles to each 'record' to look like a label. I used the computer to print Happy Birthday around the edge and stamped the gramaphone first and then masking it when I stamped the piano, the 45 today in freehand.
  • Using the record sleeve as a template to make one for the card was fun and easy to do.

I hope this inspires someone out there in blog land to have a go at making your own single record and sleeve. It can be such a personal card to give someone special in your life.
Have fun and I would love to see your cards.

I will be back tomorrow with some more sample cards with info on how I made them.
Hugs for now.


  1. I loved it to the core..... U rock!!!

    Ash... :)

  2. BRILLIANT, what a fabulous idea...xx

  3. saw this on the show Sylvie your so clever !
    what a fabulous idea and a beautifull card
    hugs linda xxx

  4. Its looking beautiful i like it.... have some more designs...
    Plastic business cards 
    Plastic Cards

  5. What a brilliant idea, I am a Rock'n'Roll dancer and all my friends would love a card made like a record. Brilliant!!!!


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