Friday, November 16, 2012

Putz Houses

I recently saw some little glitter house decorations on the web.  I just love the idea of having little hand made paper houses and being able to make each one as individual as I want.  Of course once my Grandson saw what I was making, he wants to make some too.  I have done these so far..

... I feel that these are just the begining Lol... just to get into doing them.  I have used little red LED battery lights poked in the back of each house, there are 20 lights so we will have to get busy .. with my little grandson's help we will have them made  in no time.. !!He he

If anyone is inspired by the thought of making little paper glitter houses (Putz houses) here is a fantastic website with loads of free templates to give it a try for yourself

I will be back with more Lol..

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  1. They are wonderful Sylvie thanks for sharing xx Jan

  2. What an amazing display for Christmas Sylvie, they will look fabulous displayed on a mantelshelf:)
    Val x

  3. Wow! Sylvie you did wonderful job with your little one. Thanks for the link, i will go and check now. My Kids would love to do this too.
    Hugs Nataliya


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