Monday, June 14, 2010

Decorated Ikea Malma frame

Over the last few years I have really enjoyed decorating these mirror frames in lots of different ways. They make fantastic gifts for friends and family..and I have even sold some. Here are my latest creations..

I love purples. Here's how I did it just in case you wanna know.. I cut pieces of embossed wallpaper and stuck them to the frames, then I painted them a few times with acrylic paints giving a good covering., then I used a hot foiling pen to apply some beautiful puple foil in the plain areas. I added sequins and gems just to glam them up a bit too.
These were a gift to my Son's girlfriend who really likes them as they will match her newly decorated purple bedroom.
I wonder if anyone reading this likes to decorated frames.. I'd love to see your creations too.
Thanks for reading...


  1. Holy mackerel those are gorgeous. I love purple and wish I could make them, my nieces would adore those in their bedrooms. What an awesome gift for your sons girlfriend. What in the world is a hot foiling pen, lol.

  2. Hi Christi,
    Thanks for your lovely compliments on the frames.
    A hot foil pen is a pen that I plug in and it heats up the nib to the right temp. then I write over hot stamping foil.. the heat makes the foil stick to the surface. I got mine years ago.. If you google 'Hot foil wizzard'... you will see something similar to mine. You can also buy 'Staedtler Hot Foil Pen-Battery Operated', I have one of those aswell, but if you are using it for a while it makes your hands hurt as you have to keep a little button pressed in.. but it does work and I know it's available in the UK and the USA...
    I hope this helps..
    Big smiles

  3. WOW! They are just Beautiful!!

  4. Sylvie
    I just wanted to let you know we would like to feature your blog on our new blog- It will appear on June 19th. Would it be alright if I used one picture from your blog?
    Thanks sweetie!

  5. Hi Dawn,
    I am delighted Thank you so much! (smiles).. and very honoured to be chosen.. oo I'm excited Lol!
    Sylvie X

  6. I am so glad you stopped by my place because it let me come here and become your newest follower. I am thrilled to be doing so and I absolutely adore what you did with this mirror.


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