Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mosaic Malma frames...

I've been sort of addicted to decorating these really cheap frames over the last couple of years on and off. I thought I'd put a few more on my blog that I did earlier this year ... here goes....
I call these ones 'Shabby Chic' look. I used the untreated pine frames for these. Firstly, I painted them white using acrylic paints. I covered the entire front surface with a strong double sided tape. I punched out literally hundreds of 1cm squares choosing the colours carefully. I foiled my own papers for my mosaic mirrors using various pearl, holographic and pale coloured foils. I only worked on a one strip of tape peeled back at a time sticking each square on carefully and leaving equal gaps inbetween them. Once I finished covering all the frame I sprinkled white glitter to fill in as the 'grout' and to complete them I stuck pretty sequins around the mirror itself.

I made these the same way but with the darker frame available in Ikea (so no painting it first) and using darker coloured foiled papers. and black glitter as the 'grout'. The photos don't really do them justice as they look so much more vibrant and metallic for real.
Thank You for looking today.... I have done other frames too and will share them in another post.
See you soon..


  1. OK now this is downright scary because this was something I was thinking about trying next! I'd done a paper mosaic / embossing powder grout project several years ago for an auction at my son's school ( it was the top of a keepsake box) and thought it would work on these. Nice to find a kindred spirit !

  2. I'd love to see them when you do some.. it's very rewarding when you finsih these as they look so good and not cheap anymore.

  3. These are so gorgeous. Man you are really talented. I would love to make something like this.

  4. what a fabulous project, now all I need is the time to do it and everything else I need to do! lol
    You are a very talented lady, thanks for sharing with us.

  5. Hi Sylvia,

    I loooove your work i see displayed here. I'm into arts and crafts as well but it's been YEARS and i need to brush up. I'm strongly considering doing the same thing as far as decorating IKEA Malma mirrors. I've read your steps how to use the tiles, however I'm stuck on when did you apply the double sided tape, foil papers and mosaic glass tiles? I'm in the U.S. still trying to find employment but not working out for me :( so i need to make lil extra $ for income. Your response is greatly appreciated :)

    Also the other mirror you designed in purple, i googled embossed wallpaper and foil paper as well but no louck...alot of them were very plain. What site or brand name did you purchase embossed wallpaper and foil paper?

    Thank you in advance for your response. It's greatly appreciated :)

  6. Awesome mirrors, Sylvia, love your mirrors. You are JUST so creative.

    I came across you while I was at Charity Crafter's blog and I thought that I must pay you a visit. Well worth it!

    xxx Monica


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